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Community Green Infrastructure Planning 

The Southeast Watershed Forum has worked with over 80 communities throughout the Southeast on quality growth, designing workshops tailored to their local needs, audience and issues. Most recently, Forum training is focusing on Green Infrastructure planning, helping a community explore the economic and environmental value of its open spaces and protected lands. Strategic land conservation can help a community dramatically improve water quality, minimize stormwater flooding, reduce operation and maintenance costs, meet regulatory compliance and maintain local quality of life. In addition, strategic land conservation benefits watershed, habitat and forest protection, allowing a community to realize multiple resource values. Green spaces and preserved lands minimize the heat-island effect and enhance recreational and tourism opportunities. The Southeast Watershed Forum identifies tools for greenprinting, including low impact development and provides GIS resources to help community leaders design their own greenprint plan. 

  • 2013, December 3: Geotourism: Exploring Strategies for Sustainable Economic Development in East Tennessee - Knoxville, TN
  • 2013, August 15: Geotourism: A Promising Strategy for Sustainable Economic Development - Chattanooga, TN
  • 2013, July 10: Conservation Planning for the Raccoon Creek Watershed – Dallas, GA
  • 2012, April 19: Watershed Workshop - Florida A & M University Center for Water & Air Quality
  • 2012, March 15-16: Southeast Land Trust Alliance Conference, St. Simon’s Island, GA
  • 2011, October: Planning for Land Conservation in Cherokee County, GA
  • 2011, March: Planning For Green Infrastructure at Fort Campbell, KY
  • 2010, October: Coastal Friendly Development, Taylor County, FL









The Southeast Watershed Forum offers a wide variety of training to help your community work through issues of urban sprawl, economic viability and watershed protection. Contact Us to set up a training session!

Growth Readiness Workshops  are tailored to each community’s specific goals and objectives. They provide an overview of the economic drivers for quality growth planning, watershed protection and stormwater management. Using group instruction, hands-on activities, proven techniques, regional case studies, and small group discussions, your community will come away with specific steps to shape growth, maintain water quality and preserve local quality of life.

To view and/or download some or all of the Growth Readiness Reports, please click here.

 2009 Water Efficient Growth Webinar 

Across the Southeast, recent drought and local struggles to provide adequate water provided a wake-up call to the vulnerabilities in our water supply. Many communities were forced to put mandatory restrictions in place and take emergency measures to meet local water needs. 

Webinar Presentation Download (pdf): Part 1 / Part 2


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